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Academic Results

Academic Results

IB Diploma at Uplands

The IB Diploma Programme is an academically challenging and balanced two-year programme with final examinations that prepare students exceptionally well for success at university and life beyond. The programme is held in high regard by the world’s leading universities.
Through the subject groupings and the Core elements, the Diploma Programme develops students physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. Strong connections are made across the disciplines, supported by additional requirements in the areas of community service (CAS), recognition of higher-order learning (TOK) and the production of an extensive mini-thesis (EE) in a chosen subject.
Uplands students have achieved great success in comparison to world average scores in each year of the programme, since its inception in 2001.

The following students are recognised for their high achievement in the Diploma Programme for the 2016-17 academic year.

Diploma points# of students Students
432PHUAH Yu Zhi
FONG Jessica
412ONG Zhen Xin
LOH (William) Wei Min
403SAW Kyling
ONG Jesslyn
393RAJ Aaron
OOI Yi Yin (Stephanie)
CHENG Keat Chong
384POI Joel Sebastian You Xin
CHOO Khye Ting
CHENG Qian Hui
LAI Zachary
GEHRIG Vanessa
BAGGIO Margherita

IGCSE at Uplands

While academically non-selective, Uplands has consistently achieved a very high percentage of its overall IGCSE examination results at or above a B-grade. The last five years has seen Uplands achieve its best results in its 60-years of operation, with a 5-year average of 72% of all grades being of B-grade or above. In addition, our IGCSE/GCSE students consistently receive the Cambridge International “Outstanding Learner” Awards.

The following students were recognised by Cambridge International at their 2016 Awards Ceremony that took place in KL:

Top in Malaysia Coordinated Sciences (Double Award) Chloe Yin Jun Hng
Top in Malaysia Design & Technology Ria Jasmine Wee
Top in Malaysia Drama Zaakir Ahmad Patel
Top in World Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese Teh De Juan
Top in World Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese Tan Yi Jie

In addition to these fantastic achievements, the following students are also recognised for their high achievement in the IGCSE Programme for the 2016-17 academic year, receiving 7 or more A* grades:

  • Min Su Kim – 9 A* & 1 A
  • Aniket Yadav – 9 A* & 1 A
  • Mai Kutsuna – 8 A* & 1 B
  • Ze Ping Tan – 8 A* & 1 A & 2 B & 1 C
  • Yixian Tan – 8 A* & 2 A
  • Yu Ki Ho – 8 A* & 1 A & 1 B
  • Sirn Jie Goh – 8 A* & 1 A & 1 B
  • Karen Chave – 8 A* & 1 B & 1 C
  • De Juan Teh – 7A* & 2 A & 1 B
  • Elene Ooi – 7A* & 3 A & 1 C
  • Stephen Butterfield – 7A* & 2 A & 2 C
  • Rachel Wibisana – 7 A* & 2 A

ISP Uplands … Great Students to Elite Universities and Programmes!

A special mention must go to the following students who have gained entrance to some of the world’s most prestigious Universities and courses over the past three academic years.

2015-16 Academic Year

StudentUniversityLocationCourseGlobal Ranking by University and/or Course
Ong Jo Xing (Eunice)The University of OxfordUKLaw#1 in the world
Caryl En Ai TehCambridge UniversityUKLaw#4 in the world
Sim Ka RinImperial UniversityUKPhysics#8 in the world
Tan Xin TzeMelbourne UniversityAustraliaLiberal Arts#33 in the world
Tan Khye Lin Swarthmore CollegeUSALiberal Arts#34 in the USA
Merissa VictorUniversity of British ColumbiaCanadaBachelor of Media Studies#36 in the world
Lennon Sungkeun JoeHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong KongBusiness and Management (Finance)#49 in the world
Amit Singh AtwalUniversity of BristolUKMedicine#71 in the world
Lee Zen WeiIMUMalaysiaMedicine---

2014-15 Academic Year

StudentUniversityLocationCourseGlobal Ranking by
University and/or Course
Shunya WatanabeNYU – Abu DhabiUAELiberal ArtsHighly Selective
(3-6% Admission Rate)
Megan Low Mei KenQueen’s BelfastUKMedicine#31 for Medicine
Alicia Khong Qian YuMonashAustraliaMedicine#36 for Medicine
Seraphina Key Tze ManneMonashAustraliaMedicine#36 for Medicine
Katherine Bowden-BrownNewcastleUKMedicine-
Catherine Cheang Jenn YiIMUMalaysiaMedicine-
Shikhar GhoshPurdue UniversityUSAElectronic and Information Engineering#6 in Engineering
Kevin HuskensDelft University of TechnologyNetherlandsAerospace Engineering#19 in Engineering and Technology
Tetsuya WatanabeDelft University of TechnologyNetherlandsAerospace Engineering#19 in Engineering and Technology
Kean OoiDelft University of TechnologyNetherlandsAerospace Engineering#19 in Engineering and Technology
Vera MuellerUBCCanadaPsychology32
Honami KawamuraUBC – Sauder Business SchoolCanadaBachelor and Master of Management32
Evelyn Wong Wing YenUniversity of EdinburghScotlandLaw36
Phromphorn LiaowatthanasakunMcGill UniversityCanadaCommerce39
Nicholas Gehrig Kai JieKing’s College LondonUKInternational Relations40

2013-14 Academic Year

StudentUniversityLocationCourseGlobal Ranking by
University and/or Course
Angela ChaiCambridge – King’s CollegeUKLaw7
Lai Ming YiCambridge – Christ’s CollegeUKMedicine7
Dylan Lim Jing YangCambridge – Homerton CollegeUKNatural Sciences7
Nicole HuangUniversity of California, BerkeleyUSAEnvironmental Sciences8
Lim Sheau YunYale UniversityUSAHistory and Economics11
Momoko TamayamaUniversity College LondonUKMaster of Pharmacy21
Mirei IidaNUSSingaporeBiological Sciences / Chemistry26
Chua Ka SinNUSSingaporeAccounting and Finance with Industrial Experience26
Dang ZhongUBCCanadaBiotechnology31
Lim Jun MingLSEUKEconomics32
Tejas ShettyUCSD – Univ. California San DiegoUSAComputer Science40

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Excellence in Education

Uplands aims to provide excellent international education for students of all nationalities in a challenging multi-cultural environment. Uplands believes that hope for world peace lies in an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self, respect for others are strongly held.

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