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For children at Uplands who are 4 to 11 years old, we are proud to be offering the Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). In June 2006 we became the first school in Malaysia to be authorized by the IBO to offer their IB PYP.


The Primary Years Programme

The IB’s Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is one of three programmes offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Placing the student at the heart of the curriculum framework, the IB PYP is a transdisciplinary programme designed to foster the development of the whole child. Learning is led through structured inquiry which aims to build upon existing understanding.

Internationalism: the heart of the PYP

The aim of all IB programmes are to develop internationally minded people. This process begins in the IB’s Primary Years Programme and encourages students to recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. We want our children to create a better and more peaceful world.

What is the Curriculum Framework?

The curriculum framework consists of five essential elements: concepts, skills, attitude, action and knowledge. The knowledge component is developed through inquiries into six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, supported and balanced by six subject areas.

What will my child be learning?

The IB PYP has designed a transdisciplinary curriculum which draws the individual disciplines together into a coherent whole, while preserving the essence of each subject.

Your child will:

  • develop a deep understanding of important concepts
  • conduct research into knowledge which has local and global significance
  • acquire and practice a range of essential skills
  • be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, the environment and other people.
  • have the opportunity for involvement in responsible action and social service.

Our Programme of Inquiry at Uplands is available here and through this programme we seek to produce learners with the following profile:


Our annual ‘Leaning Journey’ is another great way to see what your child has been working on that term – from their point of view.

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You can find out about the International Baccalaureate Organizations and the Primary Years Progamme at . You can also come along to our PYP Parent sessions, have a look at our PYP information board in school, talk to the PYP Coordinator, or your child’s teacher.
In the Primary school at Uplands we are fortunate to have access to subject specialist teachers who can bring their expertise into your children’s lives. By encouraging the teachers to plan together, your child’s learning is holistic rather than a series of separate subject experiences.

The amount of specialist teaching varies in different age groups. But during the course of your child’s studies in Uplands’ primary, they will have specific timetable lessons in:-

Physical Education
Library Studies
Design Technology
Information Technology
The primary school has specialist staff to help your child gain full access to the learning programme. For children whose English is not their first language, we offer support from trained English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. This programme incurs no additional cost for the parents.

For students who are experiencing difficulties working at the same level as their peers, we can offer help from our Learning Support team. This programme is usually assisting children whose education has been interrupted by moving countries, It is rare that we can help students who have specific learning difficulties. As with the ESL programme, we make no additional charge for this level of support.

At Uplands, there are many ways to keep informed about your child’s learning. You can come along to our ‘Friday Briefing’ sessions each week at 7.50 am, where your child’s teacher will talk about the work they have done that week. You will also get a chance to look at displays and look at your child’s work.

Our annual ‘Leaning Journey’ is another great way to see what your child has been working on that term – from their point of view. You can come and spend time at school, where your child will show you around some of their classes and share their work with you in a structured way.
Parent-teacher conferences are held regularly throughout the year. These are formal meetings where you meet with the teachers to discuss your child’s progress.

Our Primary Assemblies are a time for sharing and a wonderful way to see your children in action! We have an open-door policy at Uplands and you are always welcome to come and meet with any of the teachers.

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Excellence in Education

Uplands aims to provide excellent international education for students of all nationalities in a challenging multi-cultural environment. Uplands believes that hope for world peace lies in an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self, respect for others are strongly held.

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