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Uplands Mobile

Uplands Mobile is one more way that the Uplands staff, students and families can stay connected. Get the latest Weekly Uplands News, follow our Tweets, or check a date on our calendar. We believe in using technology to help support our growing community, providing the most up-to-date information where possible. Uplands Mobile is specifically designed for phones on both the iOS and Android systems.

Uplands Mobile


UPLANDS WEEKLY NEWS: Grab the latest Uplands Weekly News articles as soon as they are released. We shall even push the information (push notifications) to your mobile device. The last 3-4 weeks of Upland Weekly News will be available to view.

TWITTER: Gain immediate access to all our tweets and keep up to date with the latest news, alerts, and information on school related events.

FACEBOOK: Any event details and other information via our school Facebook page can be accessed on Uplands Mobile.

UPLANDS PHOTOS: You will be able to view our latest featured images of our school and community in action.

UPLANDS CALENDAR: View the latest news and information as it relates to the Uplands school calendar

LOCATION: Google Maps is integrated on the App for ease of location on your mobile device.

HANDBOOKS: Access all Uplands handbooks and brochures via the integrated Issuu interface right on your phone.

OTHER INFORMATION: Such as promotional materials, quick contact links, videos, phone numbers and connections to social media streams can be accessed.

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Excellence in Education

Uplands aims to provide excellent international education for students of all nationalities in a challenging multi-cultural environment. Uplands believes that hope for world peace lies in an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self, respect for others are strongly held.

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Contact Info

The International School Of Penang (Uplands)
Jalan Sungai Satu
Batu Feringgi 11100, Penang

Phone: +604 881 9777
Fax: +604 881 9778
Email: info@uplands.org
Web: www.uplands.org
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