The Leading Boarding School in Malaysia

The International School of Penang (Uplands) is one of the leading boarding schools in Malaysia. Boarding at Uplands is set up to allow students to stay either as weekly boarders (if their families live nearby but do not want to subject their child to a long daily commute to and from school), or as term boarders. Term boarders are the most common because the students enjoy staying on weekends with their school friends to participate in activities and entertainment that they do not get to do during the week.

Our Boarders are housed in family style accommodation in a secure family-centered housing area in Batu Feringgi. The area is quiet and located within walking distance of the school. Nonetheless, the students are transported by bus to and from school for their lessons, meals, evening supervised study and extra-curricular activities.

Each house accommodates 6 students from Year 7 to Year 13. As students’ progress towards Year 13 (second year of IB), they become more independent and are encouraged to take on more decision making responsibilities in preparation for when they leave for Universities all over the world.

Stewart Ross

Head of Boarding

Boarding House

The boarding house provides boarders with a comfortably furnished room that is cleaned daily, their laundry is washed and their study supervised to encourage good academic performance.

Matrons are employed to make the accommodation homely for the students. When on duty, a matron is available to the students 24-hours a day. She marks them out when they leave for school, ensures their uniform is appropriate, stores their laptops and mobiles safely while they are away and checks the students in when they return. She accompanies the younger ones for trips to the market or mall for shopping and attends their mealtimes, talks with them and links them to their parents should they need to call or make arrangements to travel home.

In addition, a House Parent, who is a teacher at Uplands, also lives nearby and offers both academic and pastoral guidance to the student. They handle pocket money and supervise the students’ after-school and weekend activities.

Advantages of Boarding at Uplands

Boarding students live and learn from each other by bringing together different cultures, religions and ethnicities. Boarding students have great opportunities to further their education out of the classroom, with the following, making your investment in their education holistic as well as relevant for the 21st century:

  • Supervised study sessions in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Access to academic staff after school hours when requested.
  • After school activities programs offering diverse activities.
  • Boarding activities program promoting healthy interaction with others.
  • The use of excellent school facilities outside of school hours.
  • Outdoor, cultural, arts and shopping trips offered each weekend.

In many ways, boarding gives children the opportunity to develop in their own space, away from the family and to gain independence in a secure and structured environment. Children broaden their horizons; learn important skills and social and human values that complement their academic development. Thus Uplands Boarding presents an ideal opportunity for your child to be independent and self-confident. This confidence will be with them for the rest of their lives.

Boarding Fees

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Boarding Fees: 2020/2021

When more than one sibling joins Boarding, all additional siblings will receive a 15% discount on their boarding fees, subject to terms and conditions. One term’s deposit to be paid upon entry, this amount is refundable upon leaving, subject to terms and conditions. See full fee schedule for details.

Year 7 to 11 – RM12,820

Year 12 and 13 – RM13,400

Flexible Boarding

At Uplands we offer flexible boarding for day students. This service can be utilized when parents are traveling for short periods of time, to fit in around school sporting commitments or when other circumstances arise that may mean boarding is the best option for your child at that particular time. Additionally, you may want to consider flexible boarding during examination periods to allow your child a space to study uninterrupted.

For additional information regarding flexible boarding including daily routines, fee structure or to arrange a time to look at the facilities please contact:

Mr Stewart Ross, Head of Boarding

Email: [email protected]