23 October 2017

Grilled Lamb Chops “Hawaiian”, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables OR Fried Rice with Vegetables and Fried Chicken

24 October 2017

Beef Lasagna OR Chicken Rice with Condiments

25 October 2017

Roast Beef with Black pepper sauce, Steamed Vegetables, Roast Potatoes OR Stirred Fried Chicken with Ginger and Garlic, Stirred Fried Vegetables, Steamed Rice

26 October 2017

Grilled Chicken with Pineapple and Mango Salsa, Butter Rice, Corn on Cob OR Indian Fish Curry, Boiled Eggs, Steamed Rice, Papadom

27 October 2017

Spaghetti with Meat Balls OR Penang Char Koay Teow

30 October 2017

Tempura Fish with Chips OR Roti Canai with Chicken Curry or Dhall Curry

31 October 2017

Baked Pasta with Chicken, Garlic Bread OR Fish Sambal, Stirred Fried Vegetables, Steamed Rice

1 November 2017

Fish Picata, Baked Cheese Rice, Corn on Cob OR Steamed Chicken with Oyster Garlic sauce, Stirred Fried Vegetables, Steamed Rice

2 November 2017

Sandwiches Day
Assorted Sandwiches Bread with Tuna, Cheese, Eggs, Slice Chicken OR Wantan Noodles Soup

3 November 2017

Beef Cottage Pies, Steamed Corn OR Sweet and Sour Chicken , Stirred Fried Vegetables, Steamed Rice