As part of our unit of inquiry, our Year 4 students attended a poetry workshop with published poet Lucille Dass

“Poetry is fun because we learn to extend our vocabulary.” By Alicia

“I want to start my ‘vocabulary book’ so that I can understand more words and use them in my writing.” By Lau Jing Han

“I was excited because I could create my own poems during the session.” By Simon

“I especially liked learning about Found and Acrostic poems. My acrostic poem was about doughnuts.” By Valentina

“The tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore” was difficult and challenging for me.” By Afina

“I was happy, pumped up, amazed and great because Ms Dass was a poet so could not believe I have finally met someone who is a very famous poet.” By Angelina



“I felt creative because I was learning so much from Ms.Dass, she taught us tongue twisters, rhyming songs, and more. I felt confident because we were playing games that were made of poetry. I learned a lot of things from Ms.Dass, we wrote found poems. I wrote a poem about a door, I closed my eyes and I imagined that there was a door. We also did tongue twisters and rhyming songs.” By Tara

“During our session with Ms. Dass, we inquired about poetry. There were fun activities that enhance our ability to write poetry. This session included a variety of tongue-twisters, poems, and memorizing games. One example is when Ms. Dass showed us a poem she wrote herself. Then, she took out one word and asked us to guess what it was. After the session ended I went home with quite a wide range of techniques that I used every day in my everyday work. I am very grateful to Ms. Dass for teaching us and will carry on the knowledge passed to me.” By Allyster

Nicola Farrar

Primary Teacher (Year 4s)