Boarding Options


At Uplands we offer flexible boarding for day students. This service can be utilized when parents are traveling for short periods of time, to fit in around school sporting commitments or when other circumstances arise that may mean boarding is the best option for your child at that particular time. Additionally, you may want to consider flexible boarding during examination periods to allow your child a space to study uninterrupted.

A new boarder may embark on a trial period at boarding from Monday-Friday (spending the weekends at home) up to a maximum of 4 weeks. 

Flexi-boarding is limited to a 4 week settling period and will be charged as such. Should you wish your child to continue, then they will automatically move to be a termly boarder and be charged accordingly.

Termly Boarding 

Termly boarders may remain at Boarding 7 days a week. However, they do have the option to go home over the weekends if they so choose. Term boarders are the most common because the students enjoy staying on weekends with their school friends to participate in activities and entertainment that they do not get to do during the week.

Updated on 30 September 2020