Co-Curricular Music

At Uplands, we try to sustain an active musical environment where various types of styles are explored and appreciated. Every student at Uplands has access to music through a wide range of opportunities.

Music plays a fundamental role in our lives. Even when an I-Pod is not plugged into our ears, we are still surrounded by music in the malls, in our homes and even in our cars. Listening to music not only helps us feel good; it has been found to influence emotions, thoughts and behavior. It is therefore in our best interest to learn more about the power of organized sound in its many contexts.

Musical activities

The department offers after-school activities representing a wide range of styles and a variety of cultures, pitched at different abilities and age ranges. They include:

  • Uplands Chamber Orchestra (UPO)
  • Uplands Singers
  • Primary Orchestra
  • Primary Choir
  • New Rock Band
  • Advanced Rock Band

Public performances

There are numerous opportunities within the school year to perform for the Uplands community and the wider public. Some of the regular performance events are:

  • School Prom & Discos
  • Christmas Concert: Carols by Candlelight
  • Special Assemblies
  • Senior Music Concerts
  • Graduation Ball
  • Annual French Arts Festival (organized by Alliance Francais)
  • Musical Theatre Productions (combined with Drama Department)
  • Presentation Day

Field trips, festivals & special events

The Music Department encourages Uplanders to gain a wider perspective of the art by organizing and participating in special events throughout the year. A sampling of such events include:

  • Concert attendance for exposure to good quality performances in Penang and KL
  • Annual International FOBISSEA Music Festival
  • Penang State Symphony Orchestra & Choir (PESSOC) projects
  • Annual Penang Jazz Festival (workshop participation)
  • Annual French Arts Festival (performances)
  • Don Giovanni, Mozart’s opera co-performed with Co-Opera Company from Adelaide (2006)
  • Alice Smith’s Mini Choral Festival (2007)

Individual instrumental studies

This programme is open to all students. The countless hours that go into individual music tuition provide the basis of school ensemble-playing and much more besides. Tuition is provided on as wide a range of instruments as is possible, and also voice. This involves professional musicians visiting the School, broadening the teaching base and the range of music specialists that students can learn from

There are numerous opportunities within the school year to perform for the Uplands community and the wider public.