Sports: Years 7 – 9 Overview

The Physical Education programme for Years 7 – 9 allows for a breadth of study in a variety of individual and team sports. It has been developed to provide students with many opportunities to participate and enjoy physical activity.  In addition, students will learn the necessary skills, tactical awareness, and knowledge and understanding in preparation for entering IGCSE PE or competitive sport in the future. 

Year 7, 8 & 9 Physical Education

As students enter the Secondary School, in Year 7, they will continue with an excellent programme of PE, having three  70 minute lessons per seven day rotation, throughout the year.

Curriculum Overview

The year 7-9 PE curriculum is wide and varied in order to enable students to experience a number of physical activities that they will hopefully continue later in their healthy lives.  Students will be able to experience the following activities as they progress through Y7 to Y9

Games, Sports and Team work

Football, Basketball, Field Hockey, Floor Hockey. Netball, Touch Rugby, AFL, Volleyball, Badminton, Handball

Individual and Fundamental Movement Activities

Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics, X-country, Yoga, TRX-fitness training


  • Students in Years 7 – 9 are assessed in terms of effort and achievement at the end of each unit. In Years 10/11, as core Physical Education is a compulsory, non-examined subject, students are assessed based on their effort.  This is currently under review!

The sports program at Uplands provides the opportunity for our students to grow in responsibility and respect, cooperation and citizenship.

Updated on 18 September 2020