Years 10-11 (IGCSE)

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is globally recognized as an excellent foundation for study at a higher level, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Uplands is proud of its record at IGCSE, consistently obtaining exceptional results that far exceed the global average.

Years 10 – 11 Programme (IGCSE)

At the upper secondary level, students will undertake the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) IGCSE syllabus (Years 10 & 11), a two-year course, taught by experienced international teachers, leading to external examinations. While conducted in school, these examinations are marked externally in the United Kingdom. Our IGCSE programme is a rigorous programme of academic study designed to prepare students at a high level across a range of subjects. It is a broad programme that offers students experiences in science, maths, languages, humanities, physical education and the arts.

Subjects offered in Years 10 and 11: IGCSE/GCSE


English Language & English Literature / English as a Second Language

Science (options include):

  • Combined Science (2 IGCSE qualifications)
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Mathematics (including Additional Mathematics)

Physical Education (non-examined)

Knowledge Perspectives (non-examined)


Students must select 6 subjects from options designed based on students’ subject preferences. Subject offerings vary each


  • Malay CIE IGCSE – First or Foreign Language*
  • Spanish CIE IGCSE
  • French CIE IGCSE
  • German CIE IGCSE
  • Mandarin CIE IGCSE – First or Foreign Language*

* Language placement is determined by the school based on our assessments of a students ability. This is to ensure both the academic integrity of the programme and that the language placement is providing a sufficient level of challenge.


Design Technology (Graphics or Resistant Materials)


Computer Science




Information Technology


Physical Education Edexcel GCSE (examined)

Psychology (Edexcel)

* A class requires a minimum number of students to run

Please see the IGCSE Handbook for subject and assessment overviews.

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