Years 7 – 9 Mathematics

The Mathematics curriculum in years 7 – 9 is based on the UK National Curriculum. It aims to develop the mathematical knowledge, oral, written and practical skills of the students in a way which encourages confidence and provides satisfaction and enjoyment.

Learning through interaction

Without the time constraint of external examination, the students have the opportunity to learn via investigations, projects, and presentations and develop an understanding of the part which Mathematics plays in the world around them.

Personalized attention

Year 7 students are streamed into sets and each set has a low student-teacher ratio. This enables the teacher to give more personalized attention to each student, setting work that is differentiated according to the needs of the students. The student is also more able to cope with the learning pace.

Four mathematical strands

The topics that are taught cover the four major strands of :

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape and Space
  • Data Handling


Assessment is usually in the form of :

  • Unit tests based on UK National Curriculum SATS
  • Mathematical projects or quizzes