House Captains

The House Captains are the faces of the 4 school Houses: Crag, Hill, Kelawei and School. They organise and lead House Assemblies and house-based events from sports to music.

Responsibilities include instigating and organising House events, communicating details of upcoming House events with members of their Houses, coordinating team selection and encouraging participation. Primary House captains also collect House points weekly from the primary classes and display these in the Mesra area.

The House Captains commence their tenure at the start of the academic year in Year 6 for Primary and Year 12 for Secondary.

Teacher Advisors: Mr James Butterfield/ Mrs Jacqueline North

Primary House Captains, 2019/2020

CRAG: Gia and Erin

HILL: Ayanna, Muireann and Vinesh

KELAWEI: Sebastian and Hyejin

SCHOOL: James and Ece

Secondary House Captains, 2019/2020

CRAG: Chloe and Nestor

HILL: Bekky and Leonce

KELAWEI: Namit and Leanne

SCHOOL: Julieanne and Romane

Updated on 7 November 2019