Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment that fosters success while addressing barriers to learning that some students encounter on their academic journey. We work together with other teachers, families, and outside professionals to ensure the healthy development of all of our students

The Aims of the Learning Support Department

  • To support the creation of a learning environment that meets the educational needs of each student
  • To promote differentiated learning throughout the entire curriculum
  • To ensure that the learning needs of students are identified, assessed, and provided for
  • To identify and coordinate support for students who have exceptional learning abilities
  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of staff in providing for students’ learning needs
  • To ensure regular consultation with parents regarding their child’s learning
  • To fully integrate LS students back into mainstream classes when appropriate


The nature of support varies depending on the needs of the child. The long-term aim for students is to maximise their ability to work independently. Therefore, any support for students is provided in-class when possible. When necessary, some withdrawal from lessons may occur as part of a structured programme.

Partnership with Parents

At Uplands we work closely with parents to support all of our students. We encourage an active partnership through dialogue, meetings, and parent/teacher conferences. The LS Department meets annually (or more frequently if needed) with parents to review their child’s Individualized Education Plan. The IEP will include suggestions and strategies that parents can use to best support the individual needs of their child to grow academically, socially, and/or emotionally depending upon their needs. For students entering the school who are receiving or have received Learning Support previously, the LS Department will liaise with the student’s current or previous school and will meet with school staff, parents, and students before their entry to Uplands.

The Role of the Learning Support Teacher

  • Supporting curriculum design, instruction, and student achievement
  • Provide direct student support through small group and one-on-one instruction within the general education classroom
  • Collaborate with teachers to develop effective whole group practices, small group interventions, and individualized learning activities
  • Support teachers in differentiating plans for students based on their unique learning profiles so that all students are engaged and challenged and each student achieves dramatic gains
  • Assist teachers with tracking data to determine the effectiveness of interventions
  • Write and implement rigorous individual programs, and coordinate annual IEP review process
  • Coordinate with content and year level teams to promote an environment of collaboration

The goal of the Learning Support department at Uplands is to support all students’ development as they move through the school. We are committed our community in their endeavours to increase student achievement and personal development.

Updated on 09 September 2020