Student’s Welcome

Welcome to Uplands.  We believe in a set of core principles, revolving around the theme of respect, that allow us to function and grow harmoniously as a school and as a community.

Those of you who are familiar with Uplands are also familiar with our school motto. “Respect for self. Respect for others.” It’s easy to interpret that phrase as be polite, follow the rules of your classroom, don’t make fun of others, and that may be how respect is visually, physically represented, but respect does not manifest in how you act. You demonstrate it by how you think. It’s crucial, especially in an environment like Uplands where there are people coming from a range of experiences, because respect is the basis of understanding. It’s acknowledging that every individual’s views and behaviors are formed by their personal trials. It’s accepting that it’s okay to disagree but recognizing that that doesn’t make their experiences any less valid than yours. And it’s seeking to grow by listening to and embracing what’s different.

But to respect others, you have to first respect yourself. This starts with pride. Not arrogance, pride. Be proud of your accomplishments, your history, your growth from times you were not proud of yourself. Be proud of having a sense of self-understanding that is independent of what others think of you. But self-respect is also being willing to change. Self-respect is choosing to not settle for mediocrity. Being unhappy with your body and your mind is a decision. Continuing to succumb to bad habits is a decision. Not taking initiative in your education is a decision. They’re easy decisions. But to respect yourself means that you must have the courage to make difficult decisions for your growth and your happiness.

To respect takes a conscious effort. It’s our instinct to place blame or make excuses, but we cannot control everything that happens to us. We can control what those things mean to us. So we each, as individuals, have to choose to not be victims of ignorance. We have to choose to respect, and in turn seek to understand, ourselves and those around us.

All that has just been described is part of the expectations set forth by the school and part of what you should be expecting from yourself. To respect yourself, you must embrace who you are and value all that you have been through to mould you into the person you are today. You must be self-disciplined and constantly challenging yourself to strive for improvement in all aspects of your life: education, health, passion, relationships, whatever it may be. Life is a continuous process of learning and improvement. So be versatile learners and get the best out of you. To respect others, you must demonstrate empathy and compassion. Your ideals may differ greatly from that of others, but it is the ability to graciously acknowledge these differences and take it as part of a learning that helps you shape your perspective on the world.

There will be times where you go flat, where there’s a lack of will to push on and get on with it, as the work’s taking its toll. These are the times in which you must help yourself stay motivated so that you can get on with it. If that means a quick game of football with the friends or a nice meal for dinner or an allowance of watching an episode of your favourite show- One episode, I repeat, one. Not 24 times 4- then do it! Once you’ve recharged and gotten yourself into gear, you put the grind in and get yourself to the next level of your capabilities. We wish you a productive and fulfilling year ahead, and hope that you make the best out of all the opportunities that are to come your way.”

Aniket & Rachel
Head Students (2018-19)

Updated on 27 February 2019