Student’s Welcome

On behalf of the Prefect team, we welcome you to The International School of Penang (Uplands).

We are delighted to be able to take the lead over such a talented and dedicated body of students and guide all the student-led leadership programs within the school. We appreciate the efforts that the previous Prefect team, led by Faustina Dass, have put into improving Uplands. Our school community represents diversity, integrity, and curiosity, whilst maintaining a sustained focus on the value of respect, which they have done the best to culture within the student body throughout last year. In lieu of their efforts, we will continue with their mission by focusing on two key points: increasing global mindedness and driving the school towards more sustainable practices.

Global mindedness is in effect the ability to empathise with others and remain open-minded in the face of diversity. We believe that in the continuously globalising world of today and tomorrow global mindedness is the key to avoiding and solving global issues. Furthermore, with the dire impacts that global development is having on the environment, we believe it is paramount that as a member of the community, Uplands strives to be sustainable in its practices so others can follow our example.

 That being said, the Prefect team will ensure student voice within the organization of the school, maintain cohesiveness between all student-led leadership programs and do our best to remain transparent in our practices so that we are all aligned in our goals to make Uplands a better school and a better member of the Penang community.

As Head Students, we look forward to a memorable and successful year ahead. We promise to do our absolute best to uphold the many school values, along with the school motto: “Respect for Self, Respect for Others.”

Julieanne and Daniel
Prefect Team (Academic Year 2020-21)

Updated on 09 September 2020