The Prefect System, both Primary and Secondary, allows students to demonstrate their maturity and sense of responsibility. Uplands Prefects are role-models for the rest of the student body and embody the school’ ethos to the highest standard. The ability to lead and inspire is an expectation of all Prefects.

Candidates for Prefect responsibilities are carefully selected by faculty and their peers. They must be responsible, diligent, hardworking and ready to represent the school at any given time. The positions require forward-thinking, confident individuals who will introduce new ideas to the school and foster a positive ethos.  Prefects act as a link between teachers and students.

Responsibilities include; Supervising younger pupils at break and lunch times, guiding visitors around the school and helping out at school events, such as Parents’ Evenings and Sports Days. The Secondary Prefects coordinate and lead school assemblies.

Secondary Prefects chair portfolios including Primary Liaison, Student Welfare, Sport and Recreation, Performing and Visual Arts and Public Relations. These roles provide a chance to work with other leadership groups coordinating and organising events.

Primary Prefects begin their tenure at the commencement of their Year 6 academic year and hold their post until the end of that academic year.

Primary Prefects, 2019/2020

Teacher Advisor: Mrs Jacqueline North

Kirttana, Polly, Ashley, Kavya, Faith, Su-em, Minchan, Viet & Daniel

Senior Prefects commence their tenure from the beginning of Term 3, Year 12 and hold their post until the beginning of Term 3 in Year 13.

Secondary Prefects, 2017/2018

Teacher Advisor: Mr David Peake

Annelise Ratner, Dhruv Pathak, Win Wen Ooi, Ernest Teh, Jasmin Eserman, Chloe Hng, Joseph Park, Stefany Soh, Zaakir Patel, Nuraishah Shafiq

Updated on 7 November 2019