School Reopening

Managing Covid-19 from June 24 until further notice from the Ministry of Education

In line with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia about schools reopening on June 24th,  we have been busy planning with key stakeholders of the school to ensure that the health and safety of our school community are at the forefront of our minds.

  • As of now only Year 10s & 12s are allowed to return to school
  • A thermal temperature body scanner will be placed at the main foyer of the Administration block which will be the only designated entry point until further notice
  • Students, teachers, non-academic staff, vendors, and contractors, as well as other members of the community will have to undergo a temperature check at the designated entry point. Those refusing to cooperate will be denied entry into the school
  • Meals are to be eaten in classrooms as recommended by the MOE guideline with the supervision of class teachers
  • All desks in classrooms will be arranged 1 meter apart ( desk-to-desk ) per the recommended SOP by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • Staff working in office spaces will be seated between 1 -2 meters apart to adhere to the social safety distancing requirement. Staggered schedules will also be implemented to avoid space constraint or overcrowded situations
  • All classrooms and offices will be equipped with hand sanitizers
  • Signages are placed at strategic locations to continuously remind our school community to practice the recommended SOP for COVID-19 i.e., safe distancing, washing of hands regularly, face mask if necessary, and avoidance of any gatherings in confined spaces
  • For Admission enquiries please email to 3 days in advance to secure an appointment
  • For Finance enquiries please email to 3 days in advance to secure an appointment
  • School busing services will remain inoperable pending the Ministry of Transportation’s guidelines
  • Uniform Outlet will be open from 24th June 2020 by appointment only. Please email  for an appointment
  • The swimming pool will remain closed until further notice
  • Public spaces such as benches and common seating areas have been demarcated with a 1-meter social distancing markings
  • The canteen will remain closed to dine-ins; parents must arrange packed food from home. External deliveries are prohibited
  • Free playtime before and after school will be prohibited until further notice
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at all key locations
  • The Sports hall and the football field will remain closed until further notice
  • The Multipurpose Hall will be closed for any gathering activities such as assemblies or performances etc
  • School furniture and equipment used in classrooms such as tabletops, whiteboards, computers, musical instruments, science apparatus will be wiped down daily
  • Sanitizing touchpoints such as doorknobs, handrails, light switches, faucets, elevator buttons, toilet levers, and seats will be conducted in a 2-hour cycle
  • Our cleaning team will be equipped with face masks while on duty and will be reminded through morning briefings to maintain personal hygiene
  • Clinic nurses will be equipped with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Teachers and matrons are to contact either the Health and Safety Officer at the school, or the school or boarding nurse if a suspected case is detected
  • An isolation room has been prepared to quarantine a symptomatic case if it happens on a school campus or within our boarding accommodation
  • The patient will be isolated in a room in the clinic to separate him or her from the general public
  • Parent of the child will be notified by the clinic to collect the child from school to visit a doctor
  • Parent of the child will have to notify the school about the diagnosis
  • EHS team will have to report the case to the closest government district clinic and the Penang state education department per the Ministry of Education guideline if the result is positive for Covid-19

Updated on 18 June 2020