Student Support Team  (Peer Mediation)

Peer Mediation

A team of Year 12/13 students who are each trained in conflict resolution and mediation. The mediation team has all been specially trained to undertake a 5 step conflict resolution procedure aimed at resolving a variety of everyday disputes between students.

Responsibilities include responding to referrals made by teachers or students in the primary or secondary school, formally mediating disputes between students in order to find mutually agreeable solutions,providing a safe and supportive, confidential space to allow the process of mediation to occur.

Mediation is a great life skill which can be used in the adult world as well as a useful interpersonal skill to enable students to resolve future conflicts.

If a student is in the dispute or in conflict with another student they can request a mediation by contacting the mediation team through the school counsellor.


Peer Mediation team 2020/2021: Alejandro, Jian Wei, Shao Wen, Julieanne, Gregor, Romane, Lara, Tara, Ted, Ryan, Jun Han, Maya, Nestor, Sakura, Safiya.

Updated on 15 September 2020