Student Support Teams  (Peer Mediation and PASS)

Peer Mediation

A team of Year 12/13 students who are each trained in conflict resolution and mediation.  They are able to for resolve simple disputes between small groups of students

Responsibilities include responding to referrals made by teachers or students in the primary or secondary school,  formally mediating disputes between students in order to find mutually agreeable solutions,providing a safe and supportive, confidential space to allow the process of mediation to occur. Contact:

Peer Mediation team 2018/2019: Ryan Kim, Rachel Wibisana, Min Su Kim, Zhiyang Liu

PASS – Peer Advice and Support Service

A team of year 12/13 students trained in solution-focussed problem solving. Responsible for supporting individuals and promoting their general welfare.

Responsibilities include being available at a set time and place for the benefit of secondary students who seek support from a peer.  Their role is to facilitate students to resolve their problem or to signpost students to the appropriate supports in school. Contact:

PASS – Peer Advice and Support Service team 2018/2019: Miguell Halim, Laksika Niramitsrichai, Aishani Ajoy Prabhu

Updated on 21 November 2018