All parents of children attending Uplands School are eligible to become members of the Uplands Parent Teacher Association (UPTA), and eligible to join the UPTA Executive Committee.

The UPTA has an active Committee and is an important part of the School organisation. The UPTAs role is to support the school, raising funds to expend on equipment and other items to enrich the school environment, and help facilitate social events to enrich the uplands community, in a harmonious atmosphere.

UPTA’s opinion is valued by the School in the decision-making process and in day-to-day activities. This means all can contribute towards improving the quality of the education and the school experience of our students. We hope that all parents will feel proud to call themselves Uplands Parents

What does the UPTA do?

At Uplands, the Parent Teacher Association works closely with the school as an active partner to enhance the experience of our members and their families. This is something the UPTA Committee is very enthusiastic about, and we’re fortunate that within our international community we have a terrific supply of willing volunteers to keep up the momentum all year long!

In addition to lending a helping hand to the school whenever the occasion calls for it, we organise many annual activities including food fairs with games and entertainment, coffee mornings with informative guest speakers from the school staff, pizza evenings at the beach to unwind and reconnect, and car boot sales to boot!

We run all sorts of special interest groups for our members’ enjoyment as well. Arts and crafts, football, badminton, cycling, Frisbee… there’s something for everyone and we always aim to please.

Fostering a sense of community is one of our key objectives as an association, which our events and activities provide plenty of opportunities for. In addition, our country reps, primary reps and secondary reps help to facilitate communication amongst parents, teachers and the school, while members of our welcoming committee host pot-lucks and morning teas several times a year and provide information and resources to incoming families.

Members of the UPTA always turn out in great numbers to support school sporting events and the arts as well. We arrange the printing of flags, banners, and supporter T-shirts and help to coordinate parents travelling to important events like the FOBISIA Games. One of our most enjoyable roles is raising school spirit and we take our celebrating seriously!

Because we want Uplands to be the best it can be, we take pride in the fact that our collective voice is heard when making suggestions for improvements, and our representatives are regularly invited to take part in meetings and sub-committees for this purpose. Currently, our UPTA constitution is undergoing some changes itself. We want to adapt and evolve as needed to meet our members’ expectations.

Giving back…

UPTA members always enjoy the opportunity to contribute something special to the school, as our way of saying thank you for the support we are given. All monies raised on school grounds, go straight back into a suitable gift each year from a short-list of possibilities that are suggested and voted on by our teacher and parent members. Most recently we’ve contributed high-tech “toys” that students and a forward-thinking school like Uplands have really appreciated and put to good use. For instance: GoPro Cameras students can sign out from the library and a 3D printer for the CDT department that all classes have the opportunity to benefit from.

Supporting Student Initiatives…

The UPTA commends Uplands students for the terrific effort they put forth for charitable causes and community services, and we lend support by providing opportunities for students to fundraise at our fairs and speak at our coffee mornings. We also contribute funds towards their special events like discos to help ensure everyone has the best time. Uplands students certainly deserve it!

Community Privileges Program…

As a thank you to our membership and to positively promote Uplands within the community, we launched the UPTA Community Privileges Program two years ago. UPTA members can show their Uplands cards to participating local businesses, and immediately enjoy discounts and other exclusive benefits through this program. Responses have been very positive of course! And of course, we know every ringgit saved is likely to find its way into the coffers of an Uplands student bake sale or the like! So make sure you carry your UPTA card with you to enjoy those savings wherever you can!

Contact Us…

If you have any questions about the Uplands Parent Teacher Association, would like to volunteer or just want to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at committee@upta.my today.

The UPTAs role is to support the school, raising funds to expend on equipment and other items to enrich the school environment, and help facilitate social events to enrich the uplands community.