Guiding Statements

Uplands School is a multicultural, multiracial and multinational community whose aim it is to promote the School Motto: “Respect for Self. Respect for Others”.

Guiding Statements

The International School of Penang (Uplands) is a not-for-profit, co-educational and non-denominational day and boarding school for students aged between 4 – 19 years old.

Vision: To provide an exemplar international education in a dynamic multi-cultural environment, encouraging all school members to be active learners and engage with the local and wider community.

Mission: To be an international community that upholds the School’s values, nurturing its members to become globally-minded citizens.

Motto: Respect for Self. Respect for Others.

The International School of Penang (Uplands) adopts a zero-tolerance regime as set out in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (MACC Act 2009). We shall abide by the Guidelines on Adequate Procedures pursuant to section 17A of the MACC Act 2009.

In adopting an anti-bribery and anti-corruption stand, The International School of Penang (Uplands) shall always be guided by its core values of “RESPECT” and “INTEGRITY” in all business endeavours.


School Values

At Uplands, we embody a culture of trust and support through empathy and an understanding of different beliefs. We celebrate the achievements, talents and efforts of our community.
At Uplands, we encourage all members of our community to be inquirers and embrace creativity. We are in innovative, reflective and enthusiastic life-long learners.
At Uplands, we engage in open-minded dialogue and active listening based on honesty, transparency and mutual respect, where every individual has something valuable to contribute. We work together to achieve common goals.
At Uplands, we provide an environment for personal and academic challenge. We praise perseverance and the willingness to be open to new experiences.
At Uplands, we aspire to maintain intellectual, physical and emotional balance. We cultivate and incorporate mindfulness and a positive attitude in all our decisions, actions and interactions with others.
At Uplands, we celebrate international mindedness, and embrace different perspectives. We are understanding and open minded.
At Uplands, we expect all members of our community to be honest, principled and lead by example. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals reflect on and take responsibility for their actions in a spirit of decency and fairness.

Safe School Commitment

At Uplands, we are committed to ensuring all members of our community are provided with a safe environment, enabling them to achieve, thrive and develop. It is our stated intention to be proactive and diligent in ensuring all members of our community are kept safe from exploitation, abuse or harm.

-Safe School

Updated on 04 December 2020