Withdrawal Notice Procedure

Parents/guardians of students who will be leaving the School must provide a written withdrawal notice. A withdrawal notice is also applicable if students wish to discontinue using the School Bus Service and withdraw from Boarding.

Please use the Online Withdrawal Form (on this page) and download the Student Leaver Form (SLF) Primary or Secondary where appropriate.

The SLF must be correctly completed and handed back to the class teacher/tutor teacher one day before your child’s last day in school. Failure to return all required items or the submission of an incomplete SLF may result in a delay in returning any deposit which is due to you.

To ensure a refund of your deposit (if any), the Admissions Department of this School must be informed in writing no later than:

The Admissions Officer will send you an acknowledgement upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. If you do not hear from us within three working days of your submission of withdrawal notice, please contact the Admissions Officer at extension 106.

Student Records

The School requires at least 2 weeks notice if you require transcripts and/or school reports.

The leaving certificate, transcripts and/or school reports cannot be released until all outstanding fees are paid and all school materials returned. Please direct your request for the transcripts and/or school reports to your child’s class/tutor teacher

Withdrawal Notice Checklist

  • Fill out the Online Withdrawal Form.
  • Download the appropriate Student Leaver Forms (SLF) for either Primary or Secondary.
  • The Upland’s Admissions Officer will contact you.
  • Return duly completed Student Leaver Forms (SLF) one day before your child’s last day in school.

Updated on 8 October 2019