For Literacy, we have been studying the novel Charlie and the Chocolate factory which links to our Unit on food production. Here are some opinions that the students expressed about the book:

“I loved reading the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was very good, I liked reading about the 5 children. It was very interesting.” – Ming Ming.

“My favorite part was when they were in the chocolate room because Augustus Gloop was eating lots of chocolate inside. My favorite character was Charlie Bucket because he was responsible and listened to what Grandpa Joe said and held onto him tightly instead of going away like the other children.” – Ee Wern.

“I liked Charlie because he was the only one who survived in the chocolate factory. My favorite part was when they went in the glass elevator and went out of the chocolate factory to look at his house.” – Emerson.



During UOI, we explored the process of how we produce and provide food. The children thoroughly enjoyed their field trip to the Chocolate and Coffee Museum to learn more about the production of chocolate and they loved getting to see a real cacao bean growing on the tree. Here’s what the students had to say about their learning:

“We looked at a balanced plate, we saw that for oil and fat we should only eat a little bit and we should eat a lot of vegetables.” – Mao.

“We also researched the process of some of our favourite foods and we learned that pizza has a little bit of sugar in it.” – Myra.

“We learned how to make chocolate and went to a chocolate factory. We also looked at where sugar and oil come from through our research and we shared this with the class.” – Ming Ming.

“At the Coffee and Chocolate Museum we learned how to make white chocolate and white coffee.” – Crystal.

“We learned that in ancient times, only royals got to drink hot chocolate and we learned how to make ancient Mayan hot chocolate.” – Cleo.


Chloe Hill

Primary Teacher (Year 3s)