There are two levels of student leadership at Uplands, one of which is the Prefect System. In the spirit of the school motto, “Respect for Self. Respect for Others”. Our Prefect System serves three major purposes:

The Prefect System

1 It promotes the smooth running of the school by assisting the staff in their supervisory duties, covering such things as:

  • checking that students wear the regulation school uniform correctly
  • controlling entry of students into the refectory at lunchtime to minimize congestion
  • encouraging students not to leave litter
  • preventing dangerous play or any behaviour likely to cause injury or damage
  • discouraging anti-social behaviour
2 It allows the senior students to demonstrate their maturity and sense of responsibility and provides opportunities for them to contribute to the school
3 It allows the senior students to develop the leadership qualities that they possess

The Prefects are elected by the staff and students in March of each year. They take up their duties in Term Three so that the out-going Prefects can focus their attention on their IBDP examinations.
Each year, 10 students are elected as Prefects, and Head boy and Head girl are then selected by interview.

Updated on 24 May 2017