Uplands Student Council

Uplands is invested in a culture where differences of experience are openly shared. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a growing and dynamic community – we have come to depend on the dynamic leadership of our students in these efforts.

Uplands Student Council (USC)

The USC stands for the Uplands Student Council. Each tutor group elects one student to represent their ideas at each week’s meeting. This is an important responsibility as effective representatives are essential for the USC to function properly. You, as a student body, should receive regular feedback on the work of the council from your representatives and make time to discuss issues of importance that you would like the USC to address. The USC is YOUR opportunity to make a difference to your school and community.

What does the USC do? The USC organises discos and social events, raises money for charities, organises petitions and plan events with other schools in the area. What else does the USC do? Well, it all depends on you! The USC works for YOU so keep pumping those ideas for a better community!

Organisation of the USC, 2016/2017

  • Teacher advisor: Ms. Lynsey Collis
  • President: Rachel Wibisana
  • Vice President: Rei Onishi
  • Secretary: Ashwin Rajesh
  • Treasurer: Cassandra Khoo
  • Assistant Treasurer: Chalyn Goh
  • Social Organiser: Andrea Saw & Minsu Kim
  • Events Organiser: Sophie-Anne Loh & Xuaniss Lim
  • Disciplinarians: Amelie Streller & Stefan Ooi
  • Advisor: Adam Pinsler
  • I.T Support: Ervin Teoh

Student representatives are also elected for each class

Usual Activities:

  • Annual School Prom
  • School Disco (Spring, Halloween)
  • Non-uniform days
  • Charity Fundraisers (Various and many throughout the years)