Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Welcome to the CCA page for Uplands School. Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) are an important part of school life here at Uplands School. They offer students an opportunity to learn and develop skills outside of their academic studies, often in an area which they have never experienced before. We offer a huge range of activities; From Competitive Sports under our Roar Sports Banner to Origami, Drama to Chess and Choir to Model United Nations. There is something to suit all with some 104 activities being offered for Term 3.

All students are encouraged to participate in at least 1 CCA per term. The intention is for them to broaden their interests or build on existing skills beyond the classroom, in a less formal atmosphere and in areas that they have chosen. It is also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with, and learn from other like minded people. Some CCA’s give students the opportunity to travel, represent the school and often experience what it feels like to win and lose in a competitive situation. We do find that many students participate in much more than just the 1 per term and they become involved in as many different areas as possible. With this in mind there are buses for those students who use the school bus transport to allow them to participate and still get home.

Clubs and activities take place at lunchtime, after school, and at weekends. There is a wide variety of activities on offer, which should cater for each student’s interests. Every effort has been made to put together a stimulating programme.

Students are reminded that schools, colleges and universities often look at this aspect of school life when considering admissions or scholarships. At school, we value the benefits so highly that we recommend each student join at least one club per term. Regular participation in the programme is recognised in grade summaries and reports.

Please use the link to the online timetable to discuss with your child which CCAs they feel suit them and then use the link below to complete the sign up!

Updated on 25 Apr 2017