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Why Uplands?

At Uplands, we go beyond understanding the world as it is. We endeavor to live our mission statement by creating an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self and respect for others are strongly held. Maybe you would like to join us?

Why Uplands
10 Good Reasons

Just 30 minutes away from the city, the current campus is located on a pleasant hill overlooking the beachfront; the 4-acre campus is fully networked and has complete wireless access, while a beautiful garden courtyard accentuates its peaceful surroundings conducive for learning.

The degree of engagement our students, faculty and staff achieve with the local, national and global community reflects our commitment to our belief in the inherent dignity of each person and our mission to foster critical thinking and free inquiry.

A multinational community, Uplands has its roots in Penang with its unique blend of cultures and history of dynamic international, inter-ethnic exchange. Fully committed to the concept of universal values and international in its ideals, Uplands is totally opposed to any form of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion, nationality, skin colour or gender.

We could probably list more than 10 reasons of why you should consider Uplands as the school of your choice, but we believe these 10 build the kind of graduates and community that will truly make a difference in the years to come.

Reason One


Well qualified teachers. Approximately 720 students. Where else would you get a more favourable teacher-student ratio?

Reason Two


All the subjects you know. But what about Design and Technology or Film Studies? Plus you can choose from Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese!

Reason 3

Reason Three


Year 9: MidYIS
Years 10-11: Cambridge IGCSE
Years 12-13: IB Diploma

Think about your future!

Reason Four


Swimming pool, astro-turf football field, sports hall, 2 libraries, 5 science labs, 4 IT labs, music room, drama studios, technology workshops.

The school has 320 computers!

Reason Five


Kayaking, woodwork, rock bands, film club, choir, sculpting, Tae Kwon Do, Chinese calligraphy, yoga, hip hop dancing, orchestra, wushu, Amnesty International, and more!

Reason Six


Our wide range of sports includes athletics, table tennis, swimming, football, badminton, touch-rugby, basketball, softball and more.

Reason 7

Reason Seven


Ski in Japan, see the sights of China, international theatre, FOBISIA Sports, FOBISIA Music, field trips and outward-bound.

Reason Eight


Have a voice on the students’ own representative body, raise money for charity, help design your uniform, organise discos, have your say when it comes to the annual School Prom.

Reason 9

Reason Nine


Learn international diplomacy, public speaking, debating, note-taking, negotiating, conflict resolution, learn to be your own person and meet students and teachers from other international schools in the South East Asian region.

Reason Ten


Based on the UK’s Duke of Edinburgh Awards, it does not matter where you’re from, the bronze (aged 14+), silver (15+) and gold (16 +) is a personal programme of adventure. Learn to respect yourself and others, and feel a new sense of belonging and purpose!

Excellence in Education

Uplands aims to provide excellent international education for students of all nationalities in a challenging multi-cultural environment. Uplands believes that hope for world peace lies in an interdependent international community where the principles of respect for self, respect for others are strongly held.

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