Universities and Careers Guidance

University and Careers Guidance at Uplands

Uplands’ University and Careers Guidance is designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse learning community. The University and Careers Counsellor supports secondary students as they navigate along their individualized academic paths and provides specialized guidance regarding academic majors and coursework, university applications, and other decisions related to life after high school. The Uplands University and Careers Counsellor also provide guidance and education to parents throughout the university application process. Additionally, the counsellor organizes opportunities for students and parents to learn about universities all over the world and to meet with university representatives during fairs, events, and webinars. Uplands also provides high school students with the use of Cialfo, a career and university planning platform, to further guide students along their academic and career paths. 

Universities Attended by the Uplands Class of 2020

Uplands graduates attend renowned universities around the world. The Uplands Class of 2020 is currently enrolled in such universities as The University of Melbourne in Australia; The University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia in Canada; The University of Amsterdam and the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands; University College London and King’s College London in the UK; and the University of California Davis and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA. For a more comprehensive list of recent university destinations, see university destinations. Additionally, the Uplands Class of 2020 was awarded over $320,000 USD in merit scholarships. 

Meet the University and Careers Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Joyce Orobello, Esq. is the Uplands University and Careers Counsellor. She holds a Juris Doctorate law degree from the University of Florida, a Masters’s degree in Education from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from St. Andrews College in the USA. Ms. Joyce has a student-centered approach to university counseling and believes that every student’s path is unique. Contact Ms. Joyce at jorobello@uplands.org.

Updated on 22 September 2020